Examples of completed simultaneous interpreting assignments:headphones2

  • Interpreting at meetings between the Russian government committee of  tourism and tourist operators, TV and Media companies, London. 
  • Escort of official delegations of Russian politicians to Italy and interpreting of their speeches at meetings with Italian business representatives.
  • Commercial and technical negotiations between the global leaders in the steel and metal industry and Russian construction companies, Italy.
  • High-level meeting on cooperation opportunities between Italian local government authorities of Lombardia Region and representatives of leading Russian businesses, Milan.
  • High-level meeting on a hydroelectric power station, dam and tunnel construction development in a seismic area of Tajikistan between the World Bank, Tajikistan Academy of Science and a leading Italian engineering company.
  • Training courses for helicopter pilots and technicians. More than 650 hours of interpreting in the classroom, on fixed-based and full flight simulators and during the practical flying sessions in the helicopter AW109 and AW139), Italy.
  • Training course “Ground based radar systems for vessel traffic monitoring, surface & coastal surveillance. Antennas and transceivers” for radar systems engineers, Denmark.
  • Training course “Communication, navigation and surveillance systems within airports” for air traffic controllers, Denmark.
  • Training course and live medical workshop “Thermo-radiotherapy of refractory malignant tumours with Radio Frequency Capacitive Hyperthermia”.                 
  • European Forum on Media and Information Literacy Education, interpreting for the President of the Russian School Library Association.
  • Seminar on “Briquetting equipment marketing and sales”.
  • Training course “Crystallization process for lead recovery plant”.
  • Training course “Process of lead recovery from used lead-acid batteries”.
  • Training course "Logistics Management Systems".
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