Giancarlo Ravizza 29.06.2016 19:11
I had been working with Angelica since more than 15 years, as a Director of a primary Italian Engineering Company in the past and, more recently, as per needs of my own company.
Angelica is very professional in Russian, English and Italian languages, but also very flexible during the working negotiations and meetings as well as very friendly and cooperative during the non working time that I had the occasion to spend with my clients with her support.
She helped me to establish good relations with clients and friends, when my direct knowledge of the language was not enough to let me independent to do it. Great! Strongly recommendable.

Paul Dickinson 23.06.2016 15:42
I worked with Angelica in a Milan International Construction company office, during the design and procurement phase of a major oil and gas project for Kazakhstan.

Angelica was a key member of the senior management team, which consisted of design and construction engineers from Russia, Kazakhstan, Italy and UK. Her responsibility was for the management of a team of translators compiling all project contracts, engineering documents, tendor documents, etc. This included the review of translated documents for final submission to allow Kazakh government acceptance of the project. Angelica also translated and facilitated during top level meetings between Russian, Italian and English languages.
Angelica is an excellent Interpreter and Translator and I would recommend her for any similar position.




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